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These Privacy Protection Rules (the “Rules” henceforth) inform you about what personal data are collected or created (processed). These Rules further delineate the types of personal data we collect whilst you use our Websites and Applications as well as the manners in which we use, share and protect your personal data. In addition, this document describes the options available to you in association with your personal data and the ways to contact us.

The operator of the websites is KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH a.s., with registered office at F.A. Gerstnera 21/3, 371 30 České Budějovice, Company ID: 26055996, Tax ID: CZ26055996. These websites are located on the server / servers of ZONER software, a.s.

Before you use these websites, please read carefully the following Rules, which provide explanations of the ways your personal data will be processed and the ways we use cookies. By using these websites you accept these Rules. If you disagree with these Rules, please leave and refrain from using the websites.

WHAT personal data we collect and WHEN

We are committed to the protection of your privacy in processing personal data and we pay special attention thereto.

Personal data obtained during your visits on our Websites are processed in compliance with legal provisions valid in the Czech Republic. Our Personal Data Protection Policy complies with the Conduct Rules applicable to the whole company KOH-I-NOOR HARDTMUTH a.s.

You are asked to provide personal data at all times in advance. Such personal data include your:

Every time you fill in any forms with your personal data on these Websites, you will be advised in due manner of all formalities related to the ersonal data processing and your rights in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation No. 2016/679 (GDPR), specifically in the form of these Personal Data Protection Rules.

We obtain your personal data in order to ensure proper functioning of certain features on our Websites and Applications or services.

In interactions with our Websites and Applications, data are automatically collected and shared with our company through technical platforms which provide the given experience. By way of example, your Internet browser or mobile device may share certain data with our company in the framework of the communication of these appliances with the Websites or Applications. These data include:

Tools that manage the information collected by us

When using our Applications, you are also informed that the data are collected and used within standard permits in transactions with applications, operational systems for mobiles phones and also with respect to your experience with the Application. In addition, you are asked to give your consent whenever necessary.

In many cases, your browser or the platform of your mobile device will provide you with other tools that can be used to control the situations when your browser or device collects or shares specific categories of information. Accordingly, your mobile device or browser may offer tools that allow you to manage the use of cookies or sharing information about your location. You are recommended to familiarize yourself with the tools your devices are equipped with.

WHY and HOW we use (process) your personal data

We use the personal data obtained about you in the following manners:

In order to maintain our business running and to keep improving our business activities, products and services

We may use the data you provide to us for our business purposes. For example, if you shop from us, we may use such information for the purposes of bookkeeping, audit and further internal processing. Or we may use the data about the way you utilize our products and services in order to improve your user’s experience and to determine (diagnose) technical problems or problems in using services and administration of our Websites and Applications.

In order to protect our rights, property or safety, or rights, property or safety of other persons

We may also use the data about the way you use our Websites and Applications in order to prevent or expose a fraud, misuse, unlawful use and breach of our Terms and Conditions of Use, and to comply with orders issued by courts, state authorities or conditions stipulated in valid legal regulations.

For purposes of general research and analyses

We use the data about how visitors utilize our Websites, Applications and Services in order to comprehend the behaviour and preferences of our customers. For example, the information about how visitors search these websites and locate products or services, may be used by us in order to better understand the best arrangement and presentation of products on offer in the windows of our stores.

Our company may share your personal data with:

Moreover, we may transfer the personal data that we have in relation to your person in case we sell the whole or a part of our business or all of our assets or a part thereof (including reorganization, spin-off, dissolution or liquidation). 

Your data sharing

Whenever you use certain functionalities (“features”) for social networks on our Websites or in our Applications, you may create a public profile, with such information as your Internet name, profile image and the city/town you come from.

Retention of your data: Your personal data are retained for a period necessary for performance of the purposes for which we have collected the data, unless otherwise provided by applicable legal regulations.

Your rights in relation to personal data: You have a right to withdraw your consent to our processing of your personal data. You have a right to require: (i) access to your data, (ii) rectification of your data in case the data retained by us are incorrect or inaccurate, (iii) change or erasure of your personal data. You also have a right to object to the processing of your personal data on serious and legitimate grounds related to your specific situation/specific position. Where we have obtained your consent to the processing of your personal data, you have a right to withdraw this consent at any time. You have a right to object to the processing of your data, including an option to refuse the use of the data for direct marketing purposes.

When you use our Websites, our company receives and records information from your browser, and this information may include personal data. For collecting such information, we use various procedures, such as cookies and pixel tags; this information may contain your (i) IP address; (ii) unique identifier using “cookies”, information on cookies and information whether your device is equipped with software necessary for accessing certain elements (features); (iii) unique identifier of the device and type of the device; (iv) domain, type of the browser and language; (v) type of the operational system and its settings; (vi) state and time zone; (vii) previously visited websites; (viii) information on your steps on our Websites, e.g. clicking, purchases and indicated preferences; and (ix) time of access and URL reference addresses.

Information can be collected through the websites also by third parties, specifically by means of cookies, plug-ins and widgets of third parties. These third parties collect data directly from your Internet browser and the data processing is subject to privacy protection rules of these third parties.

We use cookies and pixel tags in order to observe the way our customers use the Website and to understand their preferences (e.g. selection of the state and language). This enables us to provide our customers with services and improve their Internet experience. In addition, cookies and pixel tags are used to obtain summary data about the traffic on the Websites and their communication, to determine trends and acquire statistical data in pursuance of constant improvements of our Websites. In principle, we use three categories of cookie files on our Websites:  

Functional: These cookie files guarantee the basic functioning of the websites and are therefore always on; this type of cookies includes cookies that make it possible to remember you when browsing our Websites during a single visit, or - if you wish - during each visit. These files help you create the content of your shopping bag and go through the purchasing process, and are instrumental for security and performance of requirements imposed by legal regulations.  

Improving functionality: These cookie files help us improve the functionality of our Websites by observing the way the Websites are used. In some cases, these cookies improve the response time to your requirements and enable us to remember your selections for the given websites. Your refusal of these cookies may result in inaccurate recommendations and a slower running of the website.

Social media and advertising: Social media cookies present an opportunity to interconnect you with social media and share the content of our Websites on social media. Advertising cookies (cookies of third parties) collect information that help customize advertisements to your interests, both on and outside of our Websites. In some cases, these cookies may include the processing of your personal data. If you refuse these cookies, the advertisements displayed might not be relevant for you or the effective interconnection with accounts on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks will be impossible, and/or you might not be able to share content in social media.

Legal regulations and our procedures change time from time. If we decide to update our Rules, we will disclose the changes on our Websites and in our Applications. However, if the ways we process personal data are changed substantially, we will advise you in this respect in advance or in cases when so required by the law, we will ask for your consent before such changes are introduced to practice. We strongly recommend that you should read our Rules and check them regularly for any changes.

Final provisions:

Individual users accept this document by entering the operator’s website and uses the information contained in any manner.

The operator is entitled to change this document at any time.

This document becomes effective on 24 May 2018.

If you have any questions or queries with respect to these Personal Data Protection Rules, please do not hesitate and contact us at the following address:  

F.A. Gerstnera 21/3
371 30 České Budějovice
Email: sales@koh-i-noor.cz
Telephone: +420 389 000 200

Please use the above contact data also in case you wish to disclose, rectify, block or erasure any information that has been collected about you through these websites.

Contact us

For your questions or inquiry you can use the following contact form:

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